Sri Kattu Veera AnjneyaSri Kattu Veera Anjneya
Maha kumbabishekam vizha From 01-02-2020 to 05-02-2020. Annaprasadam on 05-02-2020 @ 9.30am.

Sri Kattu Veera Anjaneya Temple

Asaadhya Sadhaka Swamin Asaadhyam Thavakim Vadha ||
Ramadootha Krupasindho Mathkaryam Sadhaya Prabho ||

He, who could achieve that which is impossible, who could do even the most difficult things- Swamin!, There is nothing that he cannot do: You are the ambassador of Lord Rama, you are the ocean of ompassion; Prabho please help me in discharging my duties and responsibilities.

Budhdirbalam Yaso' Dhairyam || Nirbhayatva-maro'gata ||
Ajadatyam Vakpatutvam ca Hanumatsmaranadbhavet

Wisdom (budhi), physical strength (balam), fame (yashas), courage, valor (fearlessness), good health, vigilance, eloquence, (all these) are bestowed upon meditating on the Lord Hanuman.   

Sri Kattu Veera Anjaneya Temple
Sri Kattu Veera Anjaneya Temple

How To Make Your Prayer

We may wonder seeing a bunch of saffron bags in rows inside the temple. Those are the wishes of thousands of Devotees. They are Coconuts with outer covers intact kept with betel leaf and nuts. It belongs to those devotees who have paid Rs.70/-(subject to revision as per temple management) at the counter. If you have a wish you can take a bag of saffron of coconut with 2 betel leafs and nuts go round 11 times chanting the sacred mantra " Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram "and hand over the bag to the priest who gives you a card with code and date. Keep the card and go again when your wish gets full filled after 3 months from that date marked on your card. We can go back to the temple again and claim the saffron bag with the coconut which would be given to him after breaking the coconut and performing the pooja. We can also do Archana and get the Prasad. We have to take home the Prasad that is the coconut and can prepare some sweets and have with our family. Trust in God, be patient; he shall for sure shower his blessings on you

Sri Kattu Veera Anjaneya Temple

He predicted the Power of this Temple

SRI.TIRUKOVILURE SIDDAR - NAME SRI SRI SRILA SRI BALAMURUGAN SWAMIGAL is the one who happened to understand the power of this place. Sri Kattu Veera Anjaneya temple is a place where you can see Lord Siva’s presence in an Anjaneyar shrine. This is one of such a holy place which you can never see anywhere in India. Here you can witness Lord Siva’s bull which is on stone growing year on year. He is the swamigal who predicted that Kattu Veera Anjaneya has got the power to grant the desired wish to any caste or commumity who performs the prayer with the saffron bag.

Sri Kattu Veera Anjaneya Temple

Temple History

500 Years ago a Temple Town Krishnagiri is an old Temple Town as part of famous Vijayanagar Empire. During the region of King Krishna Devaraya it was bustling with many Siva and Vishnu Temples 80 in number. There was no dearth of local Amman Temples, small and big.

Sri Kattu Veera Anjaneya Temple

A Miracle

Lord Siva’s Nandi’s (Bull) head is growing from a rock in the Temple which is behind Kattu Veera Anjaneyas stone idol. This is believed to grown from a Rock.